Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Up Up and Away...... 

The art director had a vision.  Most likely he was pulling up his inner child.  He was dreaming of the perfect little vintage tin rocket ship held by a little boy in the back of the car.  A toy he had wished he had as a kid, when legos were the rocket of ages.

Who would have thought rocket ships come in many shapes and sizes.  There is the tall cylindrical nose cone ones and the flying saucer type.  There is also the rocket ship on wheels with a shark fin as an air foil.  Some are big enough to ride and others too small and cheesy.

I researched toy collectors and vintage toy shops.  Rocket ships are very collectible and hard to find in good shape.  Some have had a few too many trips to the moon.  I came up with this collection.

What is your favorite?

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